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South Bay Residents are “Pumped Up” about Healthy Living

September 6, 2019

female resident using hand weights

I have really enjoyed the Wellness training at South Bay, with Independent Living Wellness Director Andy. I have personally felt the positive effects of his wellness exercises: physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.

The first thing you notice about all of the Wellness programs is they are so upbeat, enthusiastic, and inspire a passion to succeed.

Previously, I had gained weight, felt sluggish, & my body was full of aches & pains. Participating in the programs, I have experienced greater ease of movement, less pain, less aches, & more functionality in my everyday life. I can now even scratch & wash areas of my back that I wasn’t flexible enough to reach before. So, my shoulder & arms are more loose & limber. My weight has dropped into a healthier range, & my balance & my posture are improving on a daily basis. In addition, I now sleep better too. Physically, I can tell there is a significantly noticeable improvement in muscle strength & tone, I feel healthier, & more energized for my day. I would highly encourage anyone who is not engaged in Wellness at South Bay to explore all the program has to offer.

-Rosalie Juras, Wellness Enthusiast

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