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South Bay at Mount Pleasant is generating a great deal of excitement and we want to share some of the latest news, events and construction snapshots with you. Check here often to see what is happening, and to learn how you can become a part of this attractive, active community.

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Corn Hole Game Practice!

July 16, 2021

Tournament Olympic PracticeWe are gearing up for the Senior Olympics! Our Residents had a blast playing Corn Hole indoors.

Winning feelings never change!

Summer Wreath Talent!

July 13, 2021

Our Residents loved making their own fun summer wreaths! Amazing the amount of talent you can find in one room. Way to go artist!

Drumming to the Beat Wellness Class

Introducing our new Wellness Class called “Drumming to the Beat” . The class brings lots of laughs and smiles. Bonnie Friedman is the instructor. Residents make rhythms along to their favorite music! It is much to their surprise, when they find out it’s quite the work out too!

Food Truck Picnic!

July 10, 2021

We enjoyed traveling down the road to an area food truck. We came back and had a picnic lunch together on the back patio. Our Residents loved the fried shrimp and oysters. One resident even found a pearl in one!

Aquatic Movement Program

July 7, 2021

In-house rehabilitative therapy team works with our residents in the pool. It’s a great therapeutic modality! After discharge, they continue their program in a maintenance class called “Aquatic Movement”! Keeping up exercises learned in therapy is super important .These exercises help in maintaining all of the strength gained during time with therapist. Exercising in water …Read More…

Build Your Own Spa Bags?

June 28, 2021

Shem Creek Health Center honored all CNA Heroes. Really, non stop pampering! In addition, take a look at a “Build Your Own Spa” gift . What a nice way to pamper the front line! Kindness and compassion are beautiful gifts to share.

Trip to Hopsewee Plantation

June 21, 2021

A Trip to Hopsewee Plantation. We enjoyed walking the grounds, hearing the history of the Plantation, and the relaxed Southern Tea Lunch.

Water Aerobics Basketball

June 16, 2021

This week in Water Aerobics, we had a friendly basketball tournament. We’re training for our Senior Olympics in October! Of course, this means we “gotta start practicing early”!

Paint N Sip night!

June 14, 2021

It was South Bay first ever Paint and Sip Class. Everyone had a blast. They painted some very nice seascapes. Wine and non-alcoholic beverages were served. We can’t wait for our second class!

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