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Tide Water Aerobics Praise by Angie Basha

June 15, 2019

The article below, from our weekly wellness newsletter, was written by our very own, Angie Basha, one of the first residents to call South Bay “Home”. Andy Loufman, our wellness director, has worked very closely with Angie to help her reach her wellness goals. Please continue reading to learn about Angie’s experience with South Bay’s Wellness Program.

water aerobics in square pool

Tide Water Aerobics held daily at 10 a.m.

Angie says…Warm saltwater exercise may have derived from legends like the “Fountain of Youth”, but research has very strongly supported the therapeutic benefits including: improved joint health (ex – arthritis), reducing low back pain, and improving conditions such as fibromyalgia. I attend Water Aerobics Class 3x a week and have personally felt the positive effects. Showing up is a battle, but I feel so much better afterwards and leave with the sense of accomplishment. “I CAN do that!”

Water Aerobics is gentle on my body and joints and doesn’t strain it. It is fun and sometimes we sing! Andy teaches with enthusiasm, smiles, and support. I know he wants me to succeed and is behind me 100%. Water Aerobics is also about companionship and knowing you aren’t going through the aging process alone. If you are contemplating trying a wellness class, let me assure you that it is a no-judgement zone where you will feel accepted.

My advice… write down a set time on your calendar for wellness class (even if it’s just once or twice a week). We all want to make reasonable choices that fit into our retirement schedule, so prioritize your health, hobbies, relationships, and faith. I sew, attend social events, participate in water aerobics consistently, and try to give back by volunteering. Wellness is about balance. In the 8 months that I’ve lived at South Bay Andy has measured and tracked my fitness abilities. I have improved my balance, arm & leg strength, heart health, flexibility, and stamina. Now I have more energy and capability to do other activities that I enjoy.

Occasionally, Andy has given up his time to alleviate soreness in my neck. Bottom line, I know I can count on him if I need anything. Andy would be thrilled to help you with any of your health or wellness concerns. -Angie Basha

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