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Ken Willingham praises Andy Loufman and the Wellness Classes

June 21, 2019

Article written by a resident here at South Bay
Ken’s success with the wellness program is inspiring to other residents. Andy Loufman continues to motivate residents to not only meet, but exceed their goals and expectations. Continue reading to hear more about Ken’s story. My wife and I moved into South Bay in December of 2018. I suffered a stroke that reduced the strength and functionality of the right side of my body.

I’m not one to make excuses, so when Andy invited me into wellness classes and personal training I was eager to begin.

I have really enjoyed training with Andy 1-on-1 every Thursday. When Andy initially asked me what I wanted to accomplish health-wise, I stated, “I want to be able to walk better.” After roughly 20 sessions (approximately 5 months), I believe I’ve made progress.

andy helping ken in therapy room

Ken and Andy Working together

I feel much better and more confident in my physical abilities than before. Prior to training with Andy, I really felt myself getting weaker and declining. In contrast, now I am moving better, my stamina is improved, & my legs are stronger.

My wife and I also attend the “Chair Strength & Stretch” class 2-3x per week. Andy asked me to share what I think of the class and I boldly replied, “I like it so much that I don’t want to miss it!” The class includes seated exercises only, so it’s very beginner-friendly.

Andy usually shares a few jokes or funny stories, so along with the physical benefits, we leave feeling uplifted and in a positive mood.

Andy inspires me, encourages me, and makes me feel hopeful. If you try the wellness programs you will find they are good for you and help you achieve better health. Andy’s classes & training have made a difference in my life! My final advice to new residents or anyone contemplating involvement in wellness classes is, “Do it! Do it NOW!

-Ken Willingham

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