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We have officially welcomed our first residents into the South Bay family!

October 1, 2018

Angie and Susie Basha, sister-in-laws and great friends, anticipated the better quality of lifestyle awaiting them at South Bay and took advantage of the opportunity to rent one of our largest, two- bedroom apartments. Immediately upon their move, they embraced their new lifestyle and began participating in the wellness and life enrichment programs. One day later, they were joined by Bob and Judy Imbus, and their playful pup, Zoe. Our first residents, both two-and four-legged, have given us the opportunity to carry out our mission and provide them and their future neighbors with all of the comforts of home, AND SO MUCH MORE. As more and more people become priority partners, we look forward to welcoming them into their future homes.

South Bay at Mount Pleasant

1400 Liberty Midtown Dr
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464