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South Bay at Mount Pleasant, SC Retirement Community


Home Care Charleston

There are several discussions as to how senior communities are better than getting home care in Charleston and vice-versa. While the main differences include the cost, proximity from the patient’s home, and the patient’s level of independence, there are also plenty of ways on how home care for Charleston elderlies is comparable to community living.

The following list shows the same perks that home care in Charleston and a senior community can offer. This will help you decide better whether home care in Charleston or a bigger group dynamic will be good for your loved one. This can be a hard decision since you know that your seniors will be able to enjoy the same degree of quality assistance one can get from specialized home care in Charleston.  


Comfortable Surroundings

Both community life and home care for Charleston seniors provide an environment that’s tailored to the patient’s comfort level. In a shared space, residents can enjoy updated furnishings while elderlies undergoing home care in Charleston enjoy the familiarity of well-loved home fixtures. Either way, these settings will depend on how much the patient prefers creature comforts they can get from home care in Charleston.


Round-the-Clock Service

Living in a senior community is comparable to receiving home care in Charleston in that both can provide round-the-clock service. While residents of the former may get assistance from different staff members, one or two caregivers are often assigned to home care for Charleston seniors. This way, they can swap shifts with each other or with the patient’s family member designated to provide home care in Charleston. 



Both professional senior community staff and caregivers for home care in Charleston undergo specialized training to earn their qualifications. As long as you select services from a community or home care in Charleston through reputable referrals and channels, you can be sure your loved one will be in good hands.  

Personal Security

A sense of safety and security is important to a senior, whether they’re undergoing home care in Charleston or staying in a community. Caregivers providing home care to Charleston patients may bond more closely with them, while the number of community staff can make residents feel more secure in their surroundings. 

Personal Assistance

Residents of a senior community can receive personal assistance with grooming, bathing, toilet, medication, mobility, and meals from several staff members. Similarly, a senior who gets home care in Charleston may also receive assistance with the same tasks, but often from one caregiver. The former allows for speed and efficiency, while home care in Charleston grants opportunities for forming a closer patient-to-caregiver relationship.

Personalized Meals

Both senior community and home care in Charleston services can also provide special food menus for their patients. Providers of home care in Charleston may offer a little more flexibility as far as the patient’s food preferences are concerned. Senior community culinary teams develop a wider variety of daily and weekly meal plans. However, both prioritize the patient’s dietary needs and restrictions.   

Housekeeping Support

Maintaining the space surrounding the patient is a key responsibility of both the senior community and home care in Charleston caregivers. Both may adhere to a specific schedule and protocol for cleaning, changing beddings, and disinfection. However, the caregivers for home care for Charleston patients may accommodate the senior’s and their family’s preferences a bit more.

Get Services Just Like High-Quality Home Care for Charleston Seniors

South Bay at Mount Pleasant provides top-notch personal assistance that’s close to home care for Charleston patients of varying needs. If you think that your loved one will thrive with home care in Charleston, we’ll make sure they also receive the same personalized quality of care from our team and specialized staff.

Not everyone can accommodate home care in Charleston, so why not give us a try? Contact us today to find out how we can provide the right assistance and comfort to your loved one, the same way any good home care for Charleston seniors can.


Your Health Is Our Top Priority

  • Our community is home to Shem Creek Health Center, a facility that provides a full range of healthcare solutions to our residents, as well as to seniors who live near Mount Pleasant area. Here, we have the following services:


    • In-Patient and Out-Patient Rehabilitation
    • Assisted Living Services
    • Memory Support
    • Skilled Nursing Care




Promoting a Fit and Active Lifestyle

  • At South Bay at Mount Pleasant, we aim for our residents to remain fit, healthy, and active during their retirement years. Our community’s wellness center has fitness programs that suit both beginner and advanced levels. From cardio and strength conditioning classes to Tai Chi and Yoga, we surely have classes that suit both your needs and lifestyle.

Distinct Dining Options for All

  • Food tastes better especially when shared with people you treasure the most. South Bay at Mount Pleasant has Patriot’s Pub, Sullivan’s Grill, and Sweetgrass Market. Our menu items range from light salads and sandwiches to delicious full-course meals and cocktails. Whether you’re with guests or fellow community members, we have a wide range of food selections that can satisfy your palate.

Living Life to the Fullest

  • Life at the South Bay at Mount Pleasant is about having the freedom to do things you’re passionate about with people who share the same enthusiasm. Our community offers a wide range of activities that aim to enrich one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. We take care of the minor chores, like cleaning and cooking, so you can have more time for doing things that pique your interest.

Everything You Need in One Place

  • Pampering oneself from time to time is essential to one’s wellbeing. At South Bay at Mount Pleasant, we have various amenities where the elderly residents can spend their downtime. We have an indoor pool, a wellness center, on-site spa, and open fields and beaches where they can stroll or bike around. Whether they want some time alone or they want to mingle with friends, there’s definitely a place for them in our community.

Enjoy the Luxurious Life at South Bay

  • Make retirement the best years of your life. At South Bay at Mount Pleasant, we’re more than happy to welcome you to our vibrant community. Here, you can rekindle or discover new passions, meet like-minded peers, and have fun.

Get in Touch with Us Today

Let our community be your new home. For inquiries about our amenities, services, and apartment floor plans, feel free to reach out to our team today. Our staff will be more than glad to assist you with your questions.

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